Ali Luke Book Review

Ali Luke Book Review

In just five days time I have read two fantasy fiction novels by British writer Ali Luke.

This means, of course, that I barely slept—not so much because of the fear-factor of a story masterfully woven between real and supernatural worlds, but because the roller-coaster ride in both books kept me glued to my screen. This is fantasy writing at its very, very best. Just one more chapter and I’ll go to bed… wait, just one more…

Lycopolis CoverLycopolis

I’m neither a gamer nor a fan of fantasy fiction, so it surprised me that I was unable to stop reading this magnificent story, and that I stayed up reading till the wee hours of the morning, till my weary eyes could not stay open.

If you find most fantasy genre stories predictable and trite (as I do), you’re in for a huge surprise with this one! Lycopolis is a masterful roller-coaster ride of dark and light, secrets and truth, danger and refuge, reality and fantasy, all tied together by seven young gamers and their online alter-egos. A 5-star read I recommend to my teenage granddaughter as well as my senior-citizen friends.


Oblivion CoverOblivion

We all have demons, don’t we? It’s just that in this second installment of the Lycopolis series, “demons” are both internal and external, psychological and physiological, sometimes simultaneously. While it can be read as a stand-alone volume, I recommend starting with Lycopolis so you have the background of the characters and why the things that happen in this book have come about.

Ali Luke has done a sterling job with Oblivion, dancing between the two worlds her seven characters inhabit, creating a roller-coaster ride just as suspenseful and engaging as in Lycopolis. I can’t wait for volume three!

And, if after you read this book, you ever hear anyone use the phrase “sink into oblivion,” you will have a totally different perspective of what that really means… and probably run away as if your life depends on it. Because it does.


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