Rochester Writers Spring Conference Success

Rochester Writers Conference: Success!

I was completely stumped.

For months I’ve been bewildered, confused about where to take a story on which I have been working for several years. I some regards I had given up on it altogether.

Rochester WritersUntil yesterday, when I attended the Rochester Writers Spring Conference, given over 100% to fiction writers and the development of characters.


lin-klaassenLin Klaasen, a professional face reader who often works with attorneys for jury selection, showed us how the physical description of a character can give us clues about their perceptions of the world and the way they function in the world. Thanks to her sessions, I am now have several descriptors for a character who appears normal to most people but is on the verge of an explosive breakdown. If you want to give your character descriptions a real boost, Lin’s Introduction to Face Reading e-book will come in handy!

Roller CoasterIt was in “Creating an Emotional Roller Coaster for your Readers through your Hero’s Journey,” presented by the always fascinating Dr. Stanley Williams, that things really began to click for me in terms of my story line. He’s presented several times at the Rochester Conference, and I read his Moral Premise book a few years ago, so the material was not new to me in some ways. In other ways, it packed a wallop as I considered the story I’ve been stumped on and came to a realization of why it’s been going nowhere. Sometimes all it takes is a single concept presented at the right moment for the lightbulb to turn on! If you are serious about what makes a book or a film a must-see/must read, get to know Stan’s work.

lynne golodnerI missed out on Lynne Golodner’s Art of Dialogue session as I was busy in the other room presenting my “How to Interview your Characters” workshop, but I’ve heard good things about her session, and have seen her in action at other conferences. Still, I wish I could have been in two rooms at once!


Big Kudos to Rochester Writers co-producers, Michael Dwyer and Sonya Julie! This character-specific conference was inspirational. Hope to see the 2017 spring conference take on a specific topic as well, and THANK YOU for picking the speakers I needed to hear to dissipate my befuddlement!



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  1. Thank you for such nice words about our event. Our next spring conference is April 1, 2017. Happy Writing!

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